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A website without search engine optimization is like a car without wheels. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is or how high-performance the engine, it won’t get very far.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed over the years. With Google becoming more sophisticated in ranking websites, tactics that worked just a few short years ago no longer are effective.

But many of the fundamentals are still the same. Google still wants to find sites that offer great content that is relevant to specific keywords.  It’s just that they are much more aware of automated tactics designed to game their system and now they are much better at knowing the difference between good and just adequate content.

The bar has clearly been raised!

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

There are two sides to Search Engine Optimization… what you do on your site and what you to off your site. Both are important but what happens off the site, your backlink building tactics, is becoming more and more critical for high rankings on Google.

Relevancy Is The KeyGoogle Spider

Google’s main criteria for ranking is relevancy. The more relevant the page is to a search phrase (keyword) the more likely Google is to rank it highly in their Search Engine Results Page (SERP). So both On-Page and Off-Page tactics involve convincing Google that a web page is very relevant to a particular phrase. Click here to learn more about How Google Works.

But What Keywords Are Best?

Every keyword phrase has demand and competition. The Demand is how many people are using that phrase to search. Competition is how many websites are already competing for that phrase.

Good SEO starts with Keyword/Market Research to determine the demand and competition for a keyword. Ideally you want to find phrases that are in the “sweet spot” and have enough demand to bring real traffic but not so much competition that you can never get on the first page of Google.

Another factor is Buying Intention. Every phrase has an implied intention. Finding keywords that imply a desire to buy or solve a particular problem, means that visitor will be more likely to buy your solution. Our research helps us to identify those important buying words.

Every Search Engine Optimization campaign we do (in fact every website we build) starts with thorough research to determine exactly how high is the mountain that needs to be climbed to get on the first page of Google.

Once we know the optimum keywords, then we build pages and optimize around those winnable phrases.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is making sure your main keyword is positioned in the right places on a web page. There are 4-6 important places where your keyword needs to be so Google can determine how relevant that page is to that keyword phrase.

Some of these places are in the HTML code and are never seen by your site visitors. But Google sees them because they see your Source Code. Right click on any web page and choose “View Source” to see what Google sees.

So, once the Keyword Research is done then it’s a matter of building each page properly. This includes putting the keyword phrase in these important locations.

  • The URL
  • The Title Tag
  • The Meta Description
  • The First Head Tag
  • In “alt” text of images
  • In several other places in the content

And continuing to build new pages is an important part of any On-Page Optimization. Google loves to see a site growing and growing. A static site that doesn’t change says “nobody’s home” to Google.

Off-Page Optimization

As Google analyzes a website it not only looks for relevancy it also looks for authority. When a website has a lot of other sites that link to it, that implies that the website is an authority in that niche. The more of these Backlinks, the more Google sees that site as an authority and then ranks it highly in the SERPs. Think of each backlink as a vote for that website. The site with the most votes wins the Google election to the first page. That’s why we call our services SEO Campaigns.

What Is A Backlink

A Backlink is when another website puts what’s called a hyperlink on their site. When someone clicks on that link it takes them to your website and perhaps a particular page on your website.

And not all backlinks are equal. A link from a high-authority site counts more than a link from a low-authority site.

How does Google know if a site is high-authority?

Google assigns a number between 0 and 10 to every website. This number is called Page Rank after Google founder Larry Page. It determines this number by analyzing the overall “web presence” of a site. This includes how many pages on a website, and how many backlinks there are to that website. Backlinks from high Page Rank sites count more than links from low Page Rank sites.

How Do We Get Backlinks

There are many strategies for getting backlinks.

  • Create content (posts and comments) on blogs, websites, Web 2.0 sites.
  • Create Pages on Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages, Xanga, Merchant Circle.
  • Claim your listing on Search Engine local accounts (Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local).
  • Get listed in Directory Sites (,, CitySearch, etc.)
  • Write an article and submit it to article directory sites (eZineArticles, Article Marketing Automation)
  • Put a video on video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, etc.)
  • Participate in niche groups and communities on Yahoo, Facebook, and others.

Obviously you can spend a lot of time doing all these tactics. Writing one original article and placing it on an article site can easily take an hour or more. Creating a one minute video, editing it, and submitting it to YouTube can take hours. But this is what it takes to get results and be on the first page of Google.

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

For Google to find your site and index all of your pages can take a few weeks alone. Once it finds your site it will probably come back weekly so new pages are indexed relatively quickly.

Getting Backlinks and building up your overall link popularity, however take time.

Google must find these links on other websites and then follow them to you and then give you credit as a backlink. If those websites are only crawled weekly (or less) it make take a while before Google finds all your backlinks. Generally it takes 1-3 months before Google will improve your ranking based on your backlinks.

Depends On Your Competition Too

If you are in a niche and a location where the competition is very well optimized it can take a while to get on top of them. That’s why we do a thorough SEO Competition Analysis before we begin so you understand just how big of a mountain you have to climb.

Generally it takes 3-4 months to get on the 1st Page of Google if all tactics have been done diligently and your competition is not too well entrenched.

Why So Long?

Unfortunately that’s just the way Google works. Google rewards sites that are in it for the long haul and show consistent growth and a growing web presence. That’s why Search Engine Optimization takes time.

Search Engine Optimization Services

We offer several packages for Search Engine Optimization to meet your needs and budget.

Starter/Setup Package

Price: $750


1. Keyword/Market Research to determine SEO Strategy and identify best keyword targets. Full Keyword Research Report included.

2. On-page optimization of up to 10 pages (additional pages $25 per page)


  • Keyword identification and placement in Source Code
  • Image and link optimization
  • XML Sitemap Creation
  • Submission to Search Engines, Bookmarking sites, and other Indexing strategies
  • Installation of Google Analytics
  • HTML SiteMap creation
  • Image alt tag adjustment when needed

3. Directory Submission to over 100 Local Directories including:

  • SuperPages
  • Yellow Pages
  • InfoUSA
  • AOL
  • Ask
  • Acxiom
  • CitySearch
  • Yelp
  • Insider Pages
  • Angies List
  • Kudzu
  • EzLocal

… and many more

4. Claiming and optimization of Google Places

  • Includes category selection based on appropriate keywords
  • Adding images and videos (if available)
  • Recruitment strategy for reviews
  • Client must be available for verification

SEO Education Package

3 Hour Class Customized To Your Business

Price: $250 per class (up to 5 students)


  • The basics of Search Engine Optimization
  • How to write and optimize content for your site
  • How to write articles for distribution and then leverage those articles
  • Using Social Media for SEO and Branding
  • Using Videos As content
  • How to Leverage all your content

On-Going Optimization

Includes on-going on-page and off-page optimization at a pace that will be natural to Search Engines. Includes Monthly Report.

All packages include initial research to identify best link-building partners and analysis of competition’s backlinks. Ongoing rank tracking is also included and shown in the monthly report.

SEO Pricing
Good Better Best
Price $495/month $950/month $1450/month
1. New Pages On Site 1/month 4/month 8/month
2. Article Marketing 2/month 4/month 6/month
3. Video Marketing 1/month 2/month 4/month
4. Authority Building 1/month 2/month 4/month


1. New Pages: Creation of original, optimized article/page and placement on site/blog. This includes research and copywriting.

2. Article Marketing: Creation of original article and syndication to article marketing sites. Each article should result in 25-50 backlinks.

3. Video Marketing: Creation of original 30/60 second video. Video may be business card style, Power Point Slideshow, or testimonials. Placement of video on YouTube and on 2-3 video sites.

4. Authority Building: Participation in high-level Social Media and niche groups by writing helpful posts. This is to position your site as an authority in your niche.

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