Search Engine Marketing

Google searchSearch Engine Marketing is one of the two main forms of Online Marketing. The other being Social Media Marketing.

The essence of Search Engine Marketing is using Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to drive traffic to your website, or main online hub site. You get that traffic by either doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The beauty of using Search Engines is when someone uses them to solve a problem they are very much in a buying mode and that traffic tends to convert to customers very well.

And with SEO, once you’ve done the initial work the traffic is free…

Actually it’s not free. It still takes the time and effort to apply the tactics to get good ranking in the Search Engines, which is getting harder than ever.

Still… Search Engine Optimization is worth doing as long as you understand what the Search Engines are looking for and are willing to invest the time and money to accomplish your goals. It is time and labor intensive because you must create content, not only on your own website, but on other websites. Google likes to see a site that is always growing and has many other websites linking to it. Accomplishing those goals require work.

Which brings us to Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimization takes work and time. But getting Pay Per Click traffic only takes money. With PPC you pay for your position in the Search Engines and can target your keywords and campaigns very precisely so that you can monitor your Return on Investment.

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