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online marketingOnline Marketing is an opportunity for you to get new business 24/7. It’s clearly one of the best advertising options for any business.

But online marketing is not the same as “in-person” marketing. When you meet someone in person, you have the opportunity to look someone in the eye and share your passion — and your very presence helps to connect with that person.

Online, you do not have that same connection. Websites are impersonal and electronic, and building credibility and trust becomes that much more important.

After all, your prospect can leave easily — and go check out your competition if they don’t feel you really can help them.

And that’s the key. Unless you can immediately show your visitor “what’s in it for them”,  they will be gone and off to one of your competitors.

So in a sense, your website isn’t about you. It’s about your visitor.

Your site must quickly show that visitor that you understand their problems and can offer a great solution that meets their needs — and then some. Your empathy to their problems must come through in all your content— including text, videos, and images.

Yes your website must be more than just a “pretty face.” It must move your prospect through your Sales Cycle and motivate them to take action to solve their problem. That means giving you a call, filling out your contact form, or coming by your place of business. In short, your site must deliver.

It all comes down to helping people solve problems. Your site must be able to convince people that you can do that — or it’s not doing its job.

Why BitCommunications

We’ve been in marketing since the 1980’s. Rick Hart understands what it takes to move people to buy a product or service. First as a retail manager and outside sales person, and then as a graphic designer creating brochures, logos, advertising, and other print marketing, he has “walked the walk” of what it takes to create great marketing. Rick brings this deep background to every website BitCommunications builds.

But Online Marketing is a bit different than offline marketing. The connection to your prospect and the relationship that must be built, is different. Getting your prospect to take action online is a different process. Unless all the pieces are in place, your website won’t get the job done. Take a look at his book “Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle.” You’ll see that he understands the critical content that must be in place to move that visitor and turn them from a prospect into a customer.

Yes, you can find a Website Developer who can create a great looking website, and you may be able to find a Developer that will get traffic to that site, but unless your site is able to move people through your Sales Cycle it won’t deliver those new customers that you are really looking for. It won’t really get the job done.

At BitCommunications, we make sure every website we build gets the job done. To find out exactly how we do that, visit this page.

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