My Book: Turning Visitors Into Customers

Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle

Here’s my new book… Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle. It’s available on Amazon’s Kindle, or as a PDF download at the bottom of this page right now.

If you want the Kindle version you don’t actually need a Kindle to read it. Amazon has free software that let’s you read the book on any computer, tablet or smart phone. Learn more here.

Why did I write this book?

Businesses spend lots of money getting people to their websites but often they spend little turning those visitors into customers.

Too bad… they are missing out on lots of new customers — not to mention wasting money.

Yes, getting people to your website is a challenge. But the only thing that’s worse is watching those hard-earned visitors leave in the first few seconds because they didn’t find what they are looking for. That’s what happens on most websites.

So What Is The Sales Cycle?

It’s the decision making process that everyone goes through before they buy a product or service. Everyone needs some important questions answered before they will buy…

  • “What is my problem and why do I need to solve it?”
  • “What solutions are available?”
  • “How will I feel once I solve this problem?”
  • “Is this solution the best of all available solutions?”
  • “How do I learn more about my problem and the solutions?”
  • “Why should I buy now?”
  • “How do I buy?”Online Transaction

So unless you can answer these questions on your website, or on your other “touchpoints,” it’s not likely you will turn your visitors into customers. But if you can then you really do have an online business that will make money.

And the beauty of online marketing is, once you get your website setup correctly, you can turn visitors into customers automatically, 24/7.

But there’s more to getting your website ready for business than just talking about yourself. Until you can communicate the benefits of your solution clearly, you won’t even get your visitor’s attention let alone their business. They’ll be gone in just a few seconds, as over 70% of website visitors do.

And communicating these benefits is something you’ll need to do on all your touchpoints — on all the online locations where you might meet your prospects.

Here’s what you will learn in Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle

  • How to identify where someone is in the Sales Cycle.
  • What questions you need to ask to turn a suspect into a prospect.
  • How to identify your market’s problem/solution profile.
  • What are the most important Most Wanted Responses you want from your visitors.
  • What is the most important stage in the Sales Cycle (hint: it’s about emotions).
  • How to setup your Sales Pages for maximum conversion.
  • Why your navigation may be driving away customers.
  • Why Social Media Marketing requires an entirely different mindset.
  • Why you need a Call to Action on every page.

And once you understand YOUR Sales Cycle you can begin to setup your Sales Funnel and leverage every visitor to your site no matter where they are in that Sales Cycle. You’ll begin to build that lifetime relationship with your customer that every business needs to succeed.

Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle will teach you the secret sauce of conversion, the real holy grail of online marketing.

Getting new customers is not an art. It’s a science. And once you know how to push the right buttons, your website can finally do its job of bringing you more customers. A conversion increase of just 1% can mean the difference between your business succeeding or failing.

Converting visitors into customers online is not an accident. It’s a process that can be tracked, tested and tweaked as few other marketing tactics can. And I teach the basics of how to setup up your website’s tracking so you know where a visitor comes from, what they do on your site, and whether they respond to your Call To Actions — or not.

Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle is the book that will finally teach you how to make your website work — and begin to make real money online. Buy it on Amazon here.

Buy a PDF version from PayPal by clicking on the Buy Now button below. You will be immediately redirected to the download page on completion of order. The PDF version costs $4.50.

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  1. Kevin Smith

    Hey Rick I talked with a few months ago about consulting. I believe you quoted me 80 per hour. Is that correct.

    • Kevin my usual rate is $75 per hour. I have a special going on where you can get a block of 10 hours for $500. But let’s talk about your needs and see if I can really help you first.

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