But it's about more than just getting people to your website.
It's all about turning visitors into customers!

There’s a saying in online marketing that “content is king.” The implication being that it’s content that makes your site successful. This is very true… to a point. But if your content doesn’t please the search engines AND move people to take action, then it really is not doing it’s job.

So like all simplistic slogans, there’s more to it.

Actually the true test of your content is “does it convert?” By that I mean… does it turn your visitor into a customer. So in my opinion the truth is…

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Sales Cycle

To take advantage of online marketing you must first understand the Sales Cycle for your business niche. Without understanding that Sales Cycle you could be wasting time or even worse, losing customers because you’re being too pushy, or not pushy enough at the appropriate time.

Until you can move people through your Sales Cycle and turn your customers needs into wants, you may be losing customers.

Here’s the thinking behind this…

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My Book: Turning Visitors Into Customers

Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle

Here’s my new book… Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle. It’s available on Amazon’s Kindle, or as a PDF download at the bottom of this page right now.

If you want the Kindle version you don’t actually need a Kindle to read it. Amazon has free software that let’s you read the book on any computer, tablet or smart phone. Learn more here.

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